My Virtual Career Counselor

The “My Virtual Career Counselor” website was created by Dr. Dan Wiljanen, the Principal and Managing Partner of Vanguard Consulting, LLC. After serving for over thirty years as a trainer, business executive, career counselor, and educator Dan decided to offer help to people wrestling with a wide range of vocational and career issues. The services are designed to provide valid and reliable assessments, feedback, development suggestions, and coaching to people at all life stages: Junior High School, High School, College students, professionals in career transition, and emerging or experienced leaders.

Mission – Provide clients with career, vocational, personality, skills, and emotional intelligence assessments, feedback, and development.

Clients – Junior High School, High School, College students, professionals in career transition, emerging and experienced leaders.

Services – Online assessments, feedback sessions, and personal development planning and coaching. Assessments for individuals, organizations, and teams.

Assessments – Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator (MBTI), Strong Interest Inventory, Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQ-i), Occupational Network Skills Search.

Values – We provide our clients with valid and reliable assessments and ensure all assessments and interactions are kept in strict confidence. No client information is shared with anyone other than the client unless permission is granted by the client.

The “My Virtual Career Counselor” website was developed to provide vocational and career guidance to individuals and to offer personality and emotional intelligence assessments to individuals, leaders, and teams.

The three primary online assessments include the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI), The Strong Vocational Interest Inventory, and the Emotional Intelligence Quotient Inventory (EQ-i). In addition, one on one feedback and coaching sessions are offered. Please see descriptions and sample reports.

Before selecting and completing an assessment a 20-minute FREE consultation is available to you. The purpose of the consultation is to learn more about your current situation and to help you select the appropriate assessment.

After completing an assessment, three levels of service are available: