Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator®

For Individuals and Teams

”The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment delivers enduring and invaluable insight into your personality preferences. Based on sound psychological theory and backed by more than 70 years of research, it’s the world’s best-known and most widely used personality assessment.

The MBTI assessment is used by millions of people worldwide every year because it provides a simple, positive foundation for personal development and self-awareness. It also provides a common language for appreciating differences.

The MBTI assessment will help you get to know yourself better, enhance your interpersonal skills, have better relationships with family, friends, and coworkers, and make better choices in your life. It will help you become the best version of yourself you can be.”

(Quotation from the Myers-Briggs Company website, 2021)

Strong Vocational Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory®

For students to select electives and majors and adults in or contemplating a career transition.

“The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment provides robust insight into a person’s interests, to help them to consider potential careers, their educational path and the world of work. Built on psychologist John Holland’s theory, it’s backed by more than 80 years of research into how people of similar interests are employed, and what motivates individuals in the workplace. It delivers effective and powerful results that contribute to your students’ success.”

(Quotation from the Myers-Briggs Company website, 2021)

The Strong Interest Inventory assessment helps individuals identify their work personality by exploring their interests in six broad areas: realistic, artistic, investigative, social, enterprising, and conventional (often referred to using the acronym RIASEC). It then breaks the RIASEC areas into 30 specific areas of interest that can be directly related to fields of study, careers, and leisure activities. In addition, it describes an individual’s personal style preferences in five areas: work style, learning environment, team orientation, leadership style, and risk taking. Depending on the report you choose, it ranks the individual’s top 5 or 10 most compatible occupations from a list of 260 specific jobs.

EQ-i assessment of Emotional Intelligence

The EQ-i assessment of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) refers to a distinct combination of emotional and social skills and competencies that influence our overall capability to cope effectively with the demands and pressures of work and life. The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i) incorporates more than 20 years’ research and development. It is a psychometrically sound, validated assessment instrument that is applied to EI assessment and development at individual, team, and organizational levels. The EQ-i is one of the most respected and recognized EI assessment instruments worldwide and it will provide you with a robust and intuitive framework to address questions related to professional and personal development as well as leadership competencies.


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